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Briefs factory has a variety of shows currently available


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


“The perfect blend of flesh, acrobats, dance, boylesque and brilliance."

After 10 years of selling out festivals worldwide, the Briefs boys are back with their hills hoist poised ready to air their Dirty Laundry in this brand new party cabaret you don’t want to miss out on. Led by Fez Faanana aka Shivanana, featuring a line-up of classic Briefs boys as well as some shiny new boys and toys. With more glitter stains and ballsy attitude than ever before, your favourite Briefs misfits give you a night of intoxifying physicality, gob-smacking comedy, unapologetic truths, and ridiculous showmanship.


Turn your cycle to HOT as you watch these boys tumble dry 



Bite Club re-introduces Brisbane’s award-winning cult-cabaret mischief makers, circus stars and heart-stopping hooligans Briefs Factory International, as they go head-to-head with much celebrated and sainted song bird Sahara Beck. In an event sautéed in hedonistic haze, guests will be treated to a shotgun wedding and table settings of music, circus, drag, burlesque, theatre and comedy. 



★ ★ ★ ★ ★

A Sensational Encore of Cabaret, Music, and Circus Mischief

Get ready for the ultimate encore as the award-winning cult-cabaret mischief-makers, Briefs Factory, and the celebrated songbird Sahara Beck, join forces again in Bite Club: 2nd Serve.


Sahara Beck, hailed as one of Australia's most arresting performers, will unleash her soaring vocals, while the ferociously fierce talents of the beloved BRIEFS boys sweep the stage.


Brace yourself for a decadent extravaganza packed with awe-inspiring talent, serving up a reimagining of signature acts blending circus, drag, and burlesque.

Get ready for more boys, more musicians and more mayhem, accompanied by Sahara Beck’s unforgettable original music. Don’t miss out on this genius and generous serving of internationally acclaimed burlesque royalty.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“It’s a rare thing that a children’s piece holds its young audience in such high regard."


A high-energy super fun afternoon show for all ages brought to you by the finest team of circus artists and mischief makers behind international touring sensation Briefs. Created specially to get youngsters excited about expressing themselves, with hula hoops at top speed, acrobatics at crazy heights and seriously cheeky clowning antics. Grab your hula- hoop, put on your party outfit and join the Brat Kids Carnival!  



★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"There is indeed something radical-feeling about so many different kinds of beauty in one show"

- Spy in the Stall London

Expect a pumping soundtrack with your favourite dance floor smashes and ridiculous performances from the Briefs boys plus a cavalcade of hand-selected guest cabaret and circus artists. Stomp it out on the catwalk, dance until late, laugh until you ache and experience the club night that spawned the international touring sensation Briefs. Paying homage to the traditions of circus, the extremities of physical theatre, the artistry of drag, the guts of burlesque, the imagery of theatre, the debauchery of speakeasies and the showmanship of cabaret. The company uses the circus and variety format as a vehicle for engaging audiences, challenging stereotypes, and exploring notions of gender, sexual orientation, race and politics.




The tits may be fake but the titillation is real in this fabulous new take on a beloved ball-based classic! Satisfy your thinly-veiled gambling addiction with this high-key low-stakes bingo spectacular hosted by Australia’s cheekiest cabaret mischief makers – Briefs Factory International!


Briefs have assembled an action-packed extravaganza that’s a cross between your nan’s bingo hall, a drag do at your local gay bar, and a circus night under the biggest top in town. Illustrious drag queen host Shivannah thrills with countless costume changes and numerical-based puns sure to bring a smile to your intensely focused dial. Bingo bouts are intermissioned by her entourage of spritely spruikers including hula hoop extraordinaire 'Captain Kidd', Australian circus star and wild card Thomas Worrell, and plenty more!


It’s 5 o’clock somewhere honey! Grab your buddies, down a few chardies, and have your bingo blotter at the ready to score a coveted knick-knack from the impressively miscellaneous prize table. It’s a day of kind-hearted, PG-ish entertainment guaranteed to leave you feeling light in your loafers.

Beard Bingo.png




BRED is a hard-hitting, high-velocity & heavy-handed variety show celebrating first nations artists & artistry through physical theatre, drag, music, dance, performance art and show-womanship. BRED is a new production from Briefs Factory that proclaims a roll-call of Australia's finest first nations front runners creating a clever cultural cabaret capsizing with charisma!


Theatre, cabaret, circus and dance has the ability to transport an audience into the idealistic and glitter-bombed world of an artist. BRED aims to fantasise the audience into the world constructed by celebrated cast of first nations performance artists. BRED takes the form of the variety format which has proven to be highly demanded from festival goers across the globe. The freedom, the accessibility and celebratory quintessence of variety is even more relevant in this odd time of COVID19. BRED will entertain audiences with high skill and unabated extravaganza, it will challenge audiences with relevant and alienating perspectives, it will command attention and sustain retention, it will incite meaningful conversation geared towards exploiting and unpacking the status quo. 



★ ★ ★ ★ ★


- TIME out

From their warehouse party origins in Brisbane’s West End, all the way to slaying the glittering stages of London’s West End, theBriefs boys are back in town with a sci-fi spectacle of flirty, filthy fabulousness.Close Encounters features Briefs’ heart-stopping blend of cabaret burlesque, comic caper, dazzling drag, and jaw-dropping circus. Expect interstellar aerial feats and warp-speed strippers from outer space as they push the boundaries of artistry, masculinity and decency. This glory of intergalactic glamour is the third installment from Briefs, and lands at Brisbane Festival having well and truly glitter-bombed the globe.

Prepare yourselves for a close encounter with theBriefs boys


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“Freakish, funny and beautiful”

- The ScotsmaN

An all male, sharp-shooting cabaret of burlesque with balls, high-flying circus bandits and savage gender offenders. Get ready for a madcap safari through extravagant bird bath boylesque, too-close-for-comfort yo-yo tricks, valiant aerial acrobatics, irreverent interludes, ferocious fanfares and show-stopping drag artists.

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Briefs Factory is produced by Cluster Arts
IF you are interested in presenting any Of the above shows please email CLUSTER ARTS
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