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Briefs Factory is dedicated to cultivating an inclusive business model that naturally fosters spaces, content, projects, and productions rich in genuine diversity. We champion artistic practices that break from conventional norms, promoting sustainability and harnessing the transformative power of creativity to effect real change.


Briefs Factory is committed to increasing access to arts and cultural experiences by challenging the norm and subverting safe, predictable content choices. Through our daring and vibrant performances, we bring authentic, groundbreaking work that speaks to and uplifts those often marginalised, especially in regional areas. We recognise the unique challenges faced by individuals living in these areas, particularly those who deviate from the mainstream. By bringing genuine expressions of acceptance, diversity, and community directly to their doorsteps, we not only enhance the liveability of these regions but also unlock the potential for all individuals to thrive and connect within their communities. Our work aims to transform the cultural landscape, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to experience the transformative power of the arts.


Briefs factory INTERNATIONAL

Briefs Factory invites esteemed partners to join us in supporting our vibrant circus/cabaret/burlesque productions. We seek partners who share our passion for artistic innovation and community enrichment. By aligning with Briefs Factory, donors have the unique opportunity to champion creativity while showcasing their commitment to social responsibility and cultural vibrancy.


Our aim is to raise $200,000 to fuel two pivotal projects slated for 2025:


"Back Track": A grand tour through the heart of regional and remote Australia. Briefs Factory will tour over 8,000km in 2025 to communities that often miss out on the normal ‘tour circuit’ . The project which will see the company travel across the country in two routes: Broken Hill to Broome (4,200km) & Darwin to Dubbo (3,600km). Each route consists of community engagement & performances in 15 regional towns.



A week-long community development program in Samoa, dedicated to nurturing

artists and creatives. It’s the start of a tradition where Briefs’ experienced and qualified performers share their expertise with Samoa.


Join Briefs Factory in our mission to ignite imaginations, challenge conventions, and celebrate the transformative power of the arts throughout regional Australia and the Pacific Islands. Together, we can create lasting impact and inspire audiences around the world.

Make a tax deductible donation now and become part of Briefs Donor Circle. 


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